Police Off The Cuff After Hours # 16 with retired Lt. and National Radio talk show host Randy Sutton

August 6, 2020 By 0 Comments

Randy served more than three decades as a Law Enforcement Officer and Leader with the Princeton Borough Police Dept in New Jersey and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. in Nevada, where he is one of the most decorated officers in the departments history. He authored three successful books, “True Blue Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them”, “A Cop’s Life”, and “True Blue To Protect and Serve”. and the soon to be released. “THE POWER OF LEGACY, Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People”. He is a nationally known speaker on the topics of Leadership and Ethics in Law Enforcement. He has also appeared in several feature films, “Casino”, “Fools Rush In” and “Miss Congeniality II” as well as numerous television shows such as “COPS”. “Americas” Most Wanted” and “Las Vegas”. He has also been featured on FOX News as a commentator regarding Law Enforcement issues and is a featured panelist on the cable TV show “FIRED UP”. Randy is the host of the new podcast, THE POWER OF LEGACY”.