Police Off The Cuff After Hours # 15 with Dr. Nadim Karim

August 3, 2020 By 0 Comments

Dr. Nadim Karim is a clinical/forensic psychologist and criminologist. He has completed over 7000 psychological evaluations of adult and youth offenders in California. He has focused on the following areas of evaluation: mitigation; sentencing; mental health diversion; insanity; immigration (asylum; U-VISA); competency; juvenile; substance use; domestic violence; and PTSD. The evaluations have been in both English and Spanish. I have worked for the prosecution, the defense, and received referrals directly from the bench.

I have also focused my consulting work on alternatives to incarceration, policing initiatives, racial diversity training, implicit bias training, and conflict resolution training. In addition, I have been a consultant to various law enforcement agencies in California, including the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

I have media and TV/Film technical consulting experience relating to mental health.

I am passionate about being an agent of change in people’s lives. Diversity and equality are everything.