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Truth Tuesday

By Marlene Botta | October 6, 2020 Good Morning Tribe, Today is Truth Tuesday. Our affiliate in New York has created a…


Because of September 11th 2001; I can never look at flying planes the same way I saw how the people of this…

Thinking Out Loud: Police & The Community

By Team Reilly | July 6, 2020 | Thinking Out Loud Charles Davis.  Sean Carrington.  Gerard Carter.  Rodney Andrews. James Nemorin.  Robert…

Defund the Police?  Be Careful What You Wish For

By Edmund Hartnett , NYPD Deputy Chief (ret.) / Former Police Commissioner Yonkers NY In spite of all the recent rhetoric, policing…


By Peter J. Pranzo, Ret. Lt., NYPD Almost four decades ago, following an onslaught of police suicides that included some personal friends,…

Comments on the George Floyd Riots

By Anthony J. Raganella, MPA / NYPD (ret.) (Law Enforcement Executive | Speaker & Lecturer | Expert Witness | Strategy Consultant I…

Condition Corrected

By: Ret. Sgt. Richard A. Odorfer

Philadelphia 1918/New York City 2020

Written by Retired Sergeant Kevin Olds Edited/pl

Then and Now

By: Sergeant Carlo Nappi NYPD Retired Being a COP in the 70’s and 80″s was tough, but not as tough as now….

Automatics vs. Revolvers

Automatics vs. Revolvers

Walking In My Boots

By: Lisamarie Velotta I was woken up this morning by the sound of the alarm clock. Another day and it was time…

Memorial Day 2020

Posted by: Jim Donahue | May 25, 2020 | CopConscience As I sit here this day, I feel compelled to say something…

Letter to Lisamarie Velotta from her Dad (Ret NYPD) on her graduation in September 2001

September 19, 2001 Dear Lee, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. We all miss you…

Women In Blue

Women In Blue | May 20, 2020

The Danner Shooting: An Assessment

Written by Daniel Modell

The Last Line of Financial Defense? Internal Loans in Emergency Situations

The Last Line of Financial Defense? Internal Loans in Emergency Situations

Police Brutality vs. Necessary Force

A VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE By: Peter J. Pranzo, Ret. Lt., NYPD Today, many police departments across America find themselves amidst…

Coronavirus – An Update

By: Brynna Handley What the (insert some word that “pardon my French” would be associated with) is going on? It appears the…

Tales From The Apocolypse, 2020

By Retired 1st Grade Detective Michael O’Keefe I’ve been sequestered with my family in the bunker in Farmingdale since March 17th. On…

Thoughts on a Pandemic

Written by Sergeant Bill Cannon, Co-host of Police Off the Cuff As I follow the state’s guidelines and shelter in place, I…

NYPD Valor by Walter Wasilewski

“NYPD’s most decorated Cops” I was your typical kid who grew up in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. It was…

Opinion Letter Written By Former NYPD Chief of Department Louis Anemone

This opinion letter shared with Insideblue360.com was written by former NYPD Chief of Department Louis Anemone and was originally published in the…

Critical Issues in Police Training | Fit Chapter

More 2 The Story:  Ed Mullins, President of the NYPD Sergeant Benevolent Association and Dr. Maki Haberfeld Professor of Police Science, Department…

Critical Issues in Police Training | Chapter 1

More 2 The Story: Ed Mullins, President of the NYPD Sergeant Benevolent Association and Dr. Maki Haberfeld Professor of Police Science, Department…

Dangerous New Bail Laws Jeopardize Public Safety and Ignore Victims

Many New Yorkers may not fully realize the magnitude of the various criminal justice changes that will be taking effect next year….

A message from Blue Lives Matter NYC founder Joe Imperatrice

Policing is meant to evolve to conform to the times while also progressing to the future from past lessons learned. In this…

Brooklyn to Baghdad

Those of us chosen for the secret mission drove to Arlington, Virginia, to an office complex called Crystal City, the regional equivalent…

Veteran cop beats 9/11 related cancer

Tim Gansrow faces stage four 9/11 related cancer diagnosis and chooses to fight, joining a clinical trial that could end in his…

When Did I Start Looking Like a Cop?

I walk around today, looking at cops–cops whose faces are buried in their cell phones. I want to shout at them: Why…

The Stressful 7 | Parenting 17- 24 year-olds in the real world

The challenges and street smart tips to keep your young adult safe. By: Frank Valluzzi, February 12th, 2020 Navigating the young adult…

Shot to Pieces | Chapter 1

Paddy Durr was sweating and thrashing around in the knotted bedsheets in his dormitory bunk. He was in the throes of another…

A Reckoning in Brooklyn

Butchie found the numbness washing over him perplexing. He had relished this moment for years. Expecting to be elated celebrating his triumph…