Bill Cannon

Stand Up Comic, Retired NYPD Detective Sergeant

Police off the Cuff is the production of retired NYPD detective and Stand Up comics Mark DeMayo, and retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon. It is currently listed as # 4 by as one of the top 15 Police podcasts to follow in 2020. The concept is simple, put two cops who are funny and have them discuss police topics and social issues of the day with relevant guests. The result is often an entertaining, eye-opening, informative, and sometimes hilarious podcast.

The stories are gritty, heartfelt, and always with a touch of humor. Whether it is an interview with legendary Manhattan District attorney, Dan Bibb, or any number of superstar members of the service, such as 1st grade retired detective Michael O’Keefe describing how he was in a life and death fight with Kiko Garcia, or Chief medical legal investigator Barbara Butcher talking about her 680 homicide crime scene investigations, you’ll get a look inside the world of policing as you have never seen before.

DeMayo and Cannon have grown together as hosts, having recorded over 52 episodes. The audience is treated to an engaging, intimate hour-long episode every Friday, with intriguing stories from our phenomenal guests.

Police off the Cuff can currently be found on YouTube, Facebook,, and all on Inside Blue