The high-profile nature of law enforcement and all the challenges that come with it have left a void in the media where the Police and other civil servants have no voice. The goal of Inside Blue 360 is to provide fair, balanced, informative and entertaining content to anyone interested in Police and law enforcement without the polarizing effect we see in much of the news today. Inside Blue 360 gives a behind the scenes look at the world of law enforcement and the communities they serve.

True crime Docu-series and Documentaries.

Crime and Investigation:
A&E sister station includes The First 48 and reruns of police and crime series.

Heroes & Icons:
A digital multicast network that carries classic series and films.

A digital multicast network featuring crime-docused documentary series and theatrically released mystery and crime drama films.

Policeone.com For MOS:
Includes news, information, resources and training videos.

There is currently nothing like Inside Blue 360 out there. We are on the cutting edge of this type of programming. Our team has the unique combination of national and international law enforcement contacts and relationships, a 25 plus year executive producer for the nation’s top news shows, crime and Police fiction writers and filmmakers to make Inside Blue 360 as unique and diverse as law enforcement itself.