Inside BLUE 360 is a voice for Law Enforcement. It is a digital media platform that reports original stories and repurposes existing content about the lives of active and retired police officers, law enforcement agents, agencies and the people affected by them. It is a platform for original programming from those who know this world. Inside BLUE 360 will launch a deeper dive into thought-provoking and light-hearted stories. We will examine tough stories that affect communities, touch lives, and inspire people to do better and to choose differently.

Our stories will be told through the lens of law enforcement officers. We will rethink how law and justice is reported. Our goal is for Inside BLUE 360 to become a go-to destination for mainstream news.

While Inside Blue 360 is New York-based, the news site will be of national scope in terms of coverage, story selection, and importance. We are made up of a community for active/ retired law enforcement personnel, their families, and the communities they serve. We believe that through sharing more about the lives of police officers and the thinking that goes into some of their decisions, people might gain a better understanding of the importance the officer has to their community and society-at-large.

We encourage our community of followers to send us videos of what they want us to see. We are committed to working with law enforcement officers, to go there personally and address their issues. We will also dig deep into the archives and do more in-depth reporting on cold case files and unsolved crimes.